Capture A Place in Time Using Real Excellence

Through vision, determination and ambition, it has led Rebecca back to her roots of artistic ability. As an avid bird lover and nature watcher, it has always been an interest to capture beauty of this world. During her school career, it allowed her to incorporate her creativity with computers surrounding graphic design and website building. Fast forward to this adventure, she has been blessed with clients beyond since first offering her services to the public.

Professional prints offered through online galleries at an affordable rate. In addition to the wide array of products and mounts for those special captures to display on your walls.


TOP IMAGE: Rebecca & Nick (husband) have formed the business from day one together, from the services offered ~ to balancing the home life during the busy season. Nick is a project engineer by day with a company based out of a San Antonio, Texas. He then teams up to help capture weddings with Rebecca. Fast forward, the business has now expanded so much; they established a business space with a studio in the neighboring home town, Decatur, IN July of 2016.  

During the expansion, Rebecca has now added to the team to keep up with the opportunities that continue to flourish! Right now, these beautiful souls below are helping reshape the business and will continue their education; while gaining experience on the camera within this year. Building a team of additional photographers will enable Photography by RLH to offer that much more availability. When you contact us, expect to hear from these two as well. 

All photos on this site were taken by Rebecca Louise as she travels the country on this journey of photography.