Baby Cooper's Finally 1

Reaching milestone's and new heights! This little guy is crawling around and standing on his own. Won't be long and he'll be running laps with his big Brother Marshal! It's been a pleasure watching these two boys! Dad & Mom sure have fun with them! Enjoy your 1 Year Gallery coming soon! 

Final Winter Session

We believe the snow may be completed for this year, and what a better way to finish it off but with a VERY fast and VERY cold session! Many Thanks to Morgan & Mom for bearing the frigid air to capture these priceless moments and finalize her Senior 3-season Gallery. 

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Delilah's 1 Year Birthday

It's been another year with this beautiful family full of memories! As our children seem to grow faster and faster, it's such a gift to watch them grow! Special thanks to the Sorg family for another fun filled year with all this group! And now we watch in awe as their baby girl turns 1. Even though this family enjoys color images the most, for the final sneak peek to their Beginning of Life Collection, I chose to use the timeless black and white for this spectacular moments. As the tears were captured, it's what my heart feels to see you already reaching 1 year old. Enjoy life with your babies Nick & Brittney. Your family moments is what I simply cherish!

Latest Studio Session

So Thankful for the fun time in the studio today getting to know this little gentlemen! Even though we'd hope to venture out in the barn, we decided to play it safe and stay in the studio today. It was awesome!! We've got a few new looks to our space and blessed this guy with a fun walk around! Thank you for your handsome smiles and awesome stories! Happy Birthday! 

Cooper's Turning 1!

Cooper with his Mini-Cooper!! Getting ready for his 1st Birthday and looking as handsome as ever with his matching bow-tie! What a fun session this was to watch him explore and be in denial of what all he was allowed to do. :) Thanks Nicole for blessing us with your beautiful children!

Mikey's Turning 1!

1st official in-studio cake smash!! And gearing up for plenty more! It's been such a pleasure getting to know this little guy over this past year! I just adore those eyes and smiles! Happy Birthday sweet baby boy! Have a GREAT party! 

Very Busy Little Guy... much Braxton has changed!! And he may have kept us on our toes, but I managed to capture these moments for the family! Thanks for the studio visit and the many laughs! We look forward to sharing the rest of your gallery with you and the family! Take care and see you again soon!

Welcome Sandy's Family

As we weather this cold from time to time, it's a refreshing idea to capture some family moments! Makes for a quick session and GREAT looks for the backgrounds. Thanks Sandy for stopping in and booking your family with us. It was a quick but pleasure meeting your entire family. Blessings! 

Angel's Bakery is A HUGE HIT!!

It's a pleasure working with other businesses that compliment each other! I'm pleased to partner up with Angel's Bakery located right in the same town! Together we get to create custom collections that include cakes or cupcakes. Plus cater events to spoil all our RLH clients with yearly! 

Enjoy a few collections we've been creating to get the interest up on her online presence. 

Thank You Angie for choosing us to help decorate your walls!! [Coming Soon]