Real Estate Photos are Underway!!

Many may not know, but we also team up with local realtors to get quality photos of their listings. It’s been a pleasure walking back through houses once again. Years past, I used to work in the appraising industry so that experience has given me a TON of knowledge on what a home buyer is looking for and how to approach this endevour. Check into our new commercial page for more information and let us know if you’d like to upgrade your images with our service. Thank You realtors for the work over the years.

Feel free to visit this group’s page for more information on home buying and selling.

In the meantime, check out our updated COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY PAGE


Baaaatter UP!

Baby boy may not be old enough to hold a bat, but his smile goes for miles while he plays with the baseballs! Tatum was such a good sport as we wore him OUT…yep, Mom and Photographer was whipped too after the floor exercise> HAHHA. Tons of fun in our studio with this munchkin. Thank YOU Delanie for sharing Tatums handsomeness with our camera.


Congrats to Collin

It was a pleasure meeting this young man!! He may not be a fan of the camera, but is handsome anyway! And the chat on his interests sparked up my geek side that not many get to see. Thank You Collin for allowing me to capture these moments for your beautiful Mom. She already cherishes them!

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The Griffin's Celebrate!!

Special Thanks and Congratulations to the Griffin’s for celebrating their wedding! Spoiled their guests with a PhotoBooth! Lots of laughs and great time was had! Enjoy a few from the Bride & Groom and on of the biggest fans of the props! Thank you for booking! Enjoy those prints for years to come!!


Love at it's finest

Connection between two is priceless and only comes to some in this life. These two are blessed with so many memories….the hard ones and the best ones! Their journey can already fill a book and I’m just so blessed they chose me to capture them in these highlighted moments of their life. As they made the journey to experience a walk in Fort Wayne, they discovered a bit of art with me and how beautiful that was to incorporate in their session. Just a few more images of their time with me. Gallery was sent over the holiday weekend and we are so looking forward to our next round!

Katelin & Ben, thank YOU!


Senior Smiles

This blog gets a little more personal!! I took Hayley’s picture the day she was born, and every birthday after that! I’ve also been there to take her pictures on the first day of school for the last 12 years. To have taken her final school pictures is such an honor! As as as, being her Mom! Thank You Hayley for making my life beautiful and for allowing me to capture your beautiful smile all these years! Best to what your future holds!

Love ~ Mom (Jill Welch)


Family Reunion Photography Session

These are the priceless moments! Family times especially when we live across the country….or yet….across the world! We are very tankful to be included in this family moment where time allowed them to all be together! Thank YOU for choosing us to capture your reunion and enjoy the sneak peek hitting the blog while you get the gallery next. It was a pleasure booking this session for another creative; as the host also dabbles in photography. That is even more of a compliment! Your session triggered me to write the below about the importance of the print!!

—> Yes, cell phones can get some pretty good captures in the moment….but take these into careful consideration:

  1. Is the one photographing apart of the family or should be included in the pictures?

  2. Is the quality good enough to make enlargements on your wall to display?

  3. Are you going to print them at all?

Many clients I work with carry the shame and guilt….they take some on their cell phones but NEVER get them printed and sent to others in the family. Pictures are disappearing more and more off the walls in homes or just in smaller frames. As much as I LOVE technology and convenience of sharing online… main mission is to print for my clients! The joy that comes over their faces when they receive their print or product means more to me than winning any award for my photography! This is an image that can now be looked upon for years to come. As we all age, change…etc. We all know….time does NOT stand still, nor stop for anyone of us.

Get those professional pictures taken and get those prints made! We care about the quality that goes on your walls and do not fade in a few years! Be present in the pictures, not just behind the scenes. Get in those pictures with kids, they will be sooo thankful you did. #supportlocal and #supportquality

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