Introducing: Nate Taylor with Holiday Inn Express

We were pleased to cross paths with this kind soul. He is the manager at the Holiday Inn Express in the SW Jefferson area just off of 69. If you need any upcoming group meeting, group stays, etc in the Fort Wayne area, consider giving him a call. We are thrilled to have not only in our portfolio, but also a business partner for our Summit City BNI very soon.

Enjoy this chosen headshot from his recent session with the Graphic Designed E-Card that makes a great addition to your phone gallery. Especially when you are out meeting other professionals and cannot locate a business card. I include these with every Professional Headshot Session! Designed square for Instagram as well! Then, you simply ask that new connection to save as your contact photo so they can always put a name with a face!


How about a flash family photo session!

Talk about a rush!!! Or on a mission, that is exactly what went down a couple Friday’s ago. The weather was not going to hold on for us, so we were able to create a quick, yet successful gallery for this lovely family. Welcome to our portfolio family and enjoy these few here as we launch your gallery. Thank you for the patience on the blog creation during our peak season!


Matt Spriggs Hits the Blog!

Next Senior this Senior Sunday and during my blog blitz weekend of catch-up….Senior Matt Spriggs! How about those Generals?! As this proud football star had a stroll with me in the Downtown District of Fort Wayne, I was able to connect with his Mom and learn how to make this fella smile. His Mom has been an avid follower of my work for many years, and to finally not only meet her, but see the amazing sons she has is priceless. It was a pleasure meeting you Matthew! I look forward to watching what the future holds for you in the midst of this life! Until your gallery, enjoy your sneak peeks!


How about a #tbt #ss for this beauty: Rachel

Talk about patience….this girl has the MOST! As we captured her session months ago (the 1st part), she’s now ready for the 2nd season. We created a FB cover as her sneak, but I never got the time to get the blog. So THANK YOU Rachel for your utmost patience is this GREAT peak season this 2019! Thanking God for the stamina to keep up this year and looking forward to what’s next. In the meantime, enjoy these few images here on the blog from her gorgeous gallery! What a smile to light up the darkest of days! <3

IDEFA...ever heard of this?

Talk about one awesome surprise, especially since we are avid deer peeps!! We were contacted a couple weeks ago to capture stock photos for a Deer Farm. These farmers are raising these fine creatures in hopes to sell to Deer Hunting Preserves across the country. Everyone loves a good rack….and this is one way they watch them develop.

The same week we returned some promo items to the client…we were invited to the IDEFA Annual Picnic. We decided to go and really get a good grasp on the entire process for this type of farming and how exciting it was!! We landed at one of the largest and world-renowned Hunting Preserves right here in Indiana. Located in Peru. Talk about EXCITING!! We got to see some mammoth Whitetails….some of the largest racks I’ve ever seen in person, meet and great several farmers and make an amazing memory with my family. All while supporting and becoming a member of the IDEFA (Indiana Deer and Elk Association).

These images below are from the Winchester Whitetails outside of Berne, Indiana. It was a pleasure serving this farmer and look forward to watching these gentle creatures lose their velvet.

For more information, please contact me to learn more information. Or check into the Facebook page that will include tags.

Check out these few from their gallery.


Another PhotoBooth Event goes down...

…in the country!! What an epic event, venue and family! Many congrats to the beautiful Bride & handsome Groom for their glorious wedding day! There was a TON of captures created and laughter had in the PhotoBooth this past Saturday night!

In a beautiful barn located in Largo, IN at the Eads Farm. Enjoy just a few creations from the event!


Celebrating the next chapter...

…this Labor Day. We were graced in our outdoor studio with this vivacious little ‘big’ brother! That is on the move and oh BOY, did we have a blast! Mission was to capture a few group family pics, what we got was pure memories and a TON of laughter! It was such a pleasure to meet the parents as we so happened to be available for a quick session while in they were in our area. And this Mom… WOW, stunning as she has the glow of newness to share! Enjoy these few sneak peeks here and in case you missed it….check out the Instagram/Facebook feed for more.


And for my 2nd Love Filled post....

…lets help congratulate these two gorgeous souls! Their wedding date is about to unfold in the spring of 2020! We are SOOOO thrilled to be the team to capture it! Enjoy sneak peeks here for now and we’re working as fast as we can to launch your gallery! Stay tuned….

What a Love-Filled Weekend!

Love is in the air and gearing us for a warm fall/winter!! We were so blessed to capture this day on Saturday for the lovely Liz & handsome Wes! Along with their friends, family and neighbors, witnessed these two on the shores of their new lake home. Thank You all for including us in your memories and treating us like family. We are going to be so excited to launch this fun-filled gallery! For the time being enjoy a few captures on our blog.

We only wish you both the best of life as husband and wife. <3



Abby & Weston on their wedding day!! Not sure how their PhotoBooth missed the blog, but it was a GREAT time with all the captures of their guests! Thank You Abby & Weston for including our booth at your reception! We had a TON of captures to choose from you both enjoying it and that is a GREAT result!

May you have a beautiful future and enjoy your PhotoBooth captures for years to come!