IDEFA...ever heard of this?

Talk about one awesome surprise, especially since we are avid deer peeps!! We were contacted a couple weeks ago to capture stock photos for a Deer Farm. These farmers are raising these fine creatures in hopes to sell to Deer Hunting Preserves across the country. Everyone loves a good rack….and this is one way they watch them develop.

The same week we returned some promo items to the client…we were invited to the IDEFA Annual Picnic. We decided to go and really get a good grasp on the entire process for this type of farming and how exciting it was!! We landed at one of the largest and world-renowned Hunting Preserves right here in Indiana. Located in Peru. Talk about EXCITING!! We got to see some mammoth Whitetails….some of the largest racks I’ve ever seen in person, meet and great several farmers and make an amazing memory with my family. All while supporting and becoming a member of the IDEFA (Indiana Deer and Elk Association).

These images below are from the Winchester Whitetails outside of Berne, Indiana. It was a pleasure serving this farmer and look forward to watching these gentle creatures lose their velvet.

For more information, please contact me to learn more information. Or check into the Facebook page that will include tags.

Check out these few from their gallery.