How will I receive my images?
Your final images will be uploaded to a personal online viewing gallery.  From here you can order a package of prints that suits your personal wants and needs.  This will also be where your digital downloads are available.  You can go back to your online gallery as many times as you want!

Who owns the copyright or print rights to my images?
Photography by RLH will maintain full rights to any images captured during your session.  Photography by RLH may use images from any session for marketing and advertising purposes.  You will hold personal printing rights to the final images.  All unedited RAW images will be deleted after 1 (one) year.

What is a Photo Print Release?
A Photo Print Release is a separate contract you will enter with Lorrie Ann Photography.  It will give you rights to download your images from your gallery and produce unlimited personal prints of your images without purchasing them from Photography by RLH or from your gallery.  At no time will your Photo Print Release allow you to enter images for publication, into contests, sell your images or produce any financial gain without expressed written consent from Photography by RLH.

What if I want a larger image than the options provided in my gallery?
Simply "favorite" the image in your gallery and send a request to photographyby-rlh.com with the specifics of what you would like to order.  Photography by RLH will order the product and invoice you accordingly.  You will not receive your special order until your invoice is paid.

I need to cancel my session, what happens now?
It is highly encouraged that you reschedule your session instead of cancelling.  Photography by RLH will offer other dates and times of availability in order to accommodate unforeseen circumstances that may cause a session time to be inconvenient.  Remember, your deposit is non-refundable.

What is included in a newborn session?
Newborn sessions are always scheduled with the baby's needs in mind.  There is plenty of time allowed for feeding and soothing so that the session is relaxed. The client and their newborn will recieve the quality, care and patience it requires to conduct a safe, meaningful and memorable experience, along with images that will be cherished for a lifetime. 
   When it comes to capturing images of your newborn, choosing a photographer that is educated, suits the style that best speaks to you and practices safety at all times are the most important things to consider.

When will I receive my images?
After your session is completed Photography by RLH will provide sneak peeks within several days.  Photography by RLH will then edit and create your gallery in the order in which your session took place  Turn around time is usually very swift, but depending on how many sessions are in front of yours, it may be a bit longer.  Most times your gallery will be completed within 10-14 business days.