Final Wedding of 2017

Yes, we cut our wedding year back a bit this year as we filled our calendar to the max last fall. We intend to do the same to prepare for the beautiful winter break, but just in a different fashion this year. To finalize, we had the hottest, but most eventful wedding of our career. During this event, we were asked to include our PhotoBooth for the guests to enjoy <success>! We also got to work with some of the best videographer's we've met. <success>! And we got to watch one of our best friend's get married surrounded by the most amazing family and friends anyone could ask for <ultimate success>! No 90 degree heat can stop us!! Enjoy our sneak peek for now while we create a collection to last a lifetime. We are so blessed to be a part of your life Shauna & Chase. Wishing you both an eternity of happiness this life can offer!